Our Interview With Mrs Green!

By Will & Noah

On Monday 30th November we visited Mrs Green (our head teacher) to ask her some questions about the school or even about herself – let’s go:

Q.1: What is it like being the headteacher?

A.1: Well, it has lots of different emotions. There’s often times when I’m really proud of being the head of AJCS, I learn lots of things that the children have done!

Q.2: How do you think the behaviour is around school?

A.2: I think the behavior is very good e.g. today, it has been wet lunchtime and people couldn’t go outside and actually as you walk around the school, the children are being sensible.

Q.3: Which teacher is the best and why?

A.3: That’s a difficult one, when you get rubbish teachers like Mr. Bull [we think Mrs. Green is joking!] And then you get some really good teachers, I cant remember any of their names, that’s all I’m saying on that one!

Q.4: Which school is better – AJCS or Village Primary School and why?

A.4: Well they’re both excellent for different reasons, the small children at Village are wonderful and we haven’t got any small children here so they will beat us on the small children so they are very different, you’ll be surprised.

Q.5: How long have you been a headteacher?

A.5: I have been a headteacher for 16 years [we were very surprised and impressed].

Q.6: If you weren’t a headteacher, what would you be?

A.6: I think I’d like to be one of those people who sits at home all day and watches box sets. I’d like to be a Sky Box Set Tester.

Q.7: What is your favourite food?

A.7: My favourite food is chocolate.

Q.8: What is your favourite movie?

A.8: That depends on the film I’ve last seen really, Mr Green and I like to go to the cinema every week really. So I’m always seeing lots of different films. I’m going to go and see ‘Black Mask’ on Wednesday, I’m very excited about that. Recently I went to see the new James Bond film ‘Spectre’, I also go with my grandson and like to go and see things like ‘The Spongebob Movie’ and things like that. They are all good in a different way.

In conclusion, we want to say a special thanks to Mrs Green for making this happen and we hope you have enjoyed finding out about about our school and Mrs Green. Thank you for reading our blog. Keep  checking out the blog for more interviews!


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