By Will

This week until the end of half term, the school blog team will be running a brand new story competition which we hope you all enter! This competition will be based on a story… All you have to do is complete the story in 100 words. If you’re wondering how we can see your story, just upload your entry in the comments section. The school blog team, including me, will judge all your stories and whoever’s story we think is the best will win… *drumroll* an Intu Derby £10 voucher! So if you’re looking for anything from INSIDE the Intu centre it’s your lucky day, well if you win that is…

How to enter

All you have to do is complete the following story in 100 words, following on from this beginning: “I walked on, my head throbbing in pain, but then I saw it…”

Remember to keep to the 100 word limit, if it is more than 110 words or less than 95 words, your entry will not count. Good luck!

Film review: Billy Madison

By Adam

My favourite film is Billy Madison because it has got my favourite actor in it – Adam Sandler. It is about a rich man with a son called Billy. Billy didn’t do well in school so his father paid his teachers to give him good grades so he could pass high school.  It is really funny and the best part of the film is when he puts dog poo in a bag and sets it on fire!  The second best thing is when he was eating the glue in the classroom.

School football tournament review

By Will

Today I’m going to be reviewing the school football tournament we played in last Friday!

So first we all went to the office to wait for the coach to come and pick us up. But there was a slight problem – the coach didn’t  show up for some reason, so we ordered a taxi for some of the players to go in and some other players went in Mr Bull’s car. Finally, we arrived at DW Sports Centre! Then we went onto the place where all the pitches were. We were on pitch 1. We played 4 matches altogether, against St Werburgs, Cavendish Close, Portway and finally, Ashcroft B.

When we played Portway we lost 5 – 1, then we played St Werburgs and lost 4 – 3. Next we played Cavendish Close and lost 4 – 2, however, when we played Ashcroft B we won 11 – 0. I think the whole team played exceptionally well even though we lost most of the games so well done to the people that played and go AJCS!

Meet the new blogging team!

This half term the blogging team will be headed up by Will. Find out a bit more about our new team members below…

“Hi my name is Sammy. I am 11 years old, I like dancing, playing football, drawing, watching movies, arts and crafts and any sport.  I have two brothers. One brother does modelling for boys (the oldest). The other one does Illustration at university (the youngest).”

“Hi my name is McKenzie. I like to play football. I also have the privilege of playing for my school football team. My hobbies are tennis, football, squash and badminton. I love to play these because they have always been my everyday activities and I enjoy them.”

“Hi my name is Ella and I’m 10 years of age. I like trampolining and basketball. I like spending time with my family and doing arts and crafts. I have 1 sister called Abbie, who does swimming. I have 3 fish called Molly, Lilly and Bob.”

“Hi my name is Adam and I am 11 years old. I like to play football with my mates and my favourite comedy actor is Adam Sandler. My favourite films are: Star Wars, X-Men, Men In Black, comedies and action.   I have a sister who is 8 years old.”

The Best Display in School!!

By Will

Today I am pleased to announce that Mr Burley’s display of “Our Class Loves to Read” according to the blog team is the best display in school! The reason it is the best is because the writing is exceptionally neat, the paper with books on outlining the work is very unique and independent, it is set up extremely neatly and last of all… It is just general work from Mr Burley and his students! I have been in Mr Burley’s class in year 5; it was an amazing year, probably one of the best because Mr Burley, even though he was a bit strict, taught me the most amazing things and made me produce the best work ever! Mr Burley’s display was definitely a yes!

Y5 class display

Mr Burley’s class display

My favourite Christmas present!

By Noah

On Friday 25th December 2015 I woke up to a mountain of presents in my lovely living room! I opened a few of them, then I opened the one and only… iPad Air 2! It is amazing, I can download games, music and apps. So far I have downloaded The Simpsons, Happy Wheels, Fifa16 and many more. I am extremely grateful for all of my presents! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of Year 6!

My Best Christmas Present

By Will

Today I’m going to be telling you about my favourite Xmas present!

So my favourite Christmas present this year was an Xbox 360 with Xbox Live Gold for 12 months! I thought this present was very good and I started playing it straight away. The Xbox 360 came with 2 controllers but I bought my own chat headset. Xbox Live for people who don’t know is basically a feature where you can connect up with friends and talk to them via a chat headset. You can also send friend requests to people before you start playing with them, finally you can also download games and join parties in order to chat and you can send messages! I think Xbox is a very good console for communicating with friends and playing games with decent graphics!

Miss Everett Interview

By Lia & Georgia

Q1. Why did you decide to work at AJCS?

A1. I started as a parent helper at the infant school, I then got a midday supervisor job and started helping the junior school, which then led to me working a 1-1 support with a child with a brain injury and I have been here ever since.


Q2. What do you do at the weekend?

A2. I always dream of having a lie in on Saturday but I watch my youngest son play football and do all of my housework. Sundays I catch up with my nephews and do the ironing, sometimes if the Derby match is on I watch it on the telly.


Q3. What is your favourite movie and why?

A3. My favourite movies are Pretty Woman, Fame, Flash Dance and Love Actually because I’m a chick flick sort of girl and they are easy to watch.


Q4. Who is your favourite teacher and why?

A4. Mr Bull because he bought me a cake when we went to a hockey tournament.


 Q5. Why did you decide to become a TA not a teacher?

A5. Missed opportunities. Having kids meant I couldn’t dedicate enough time to study at Uni.


Q6. How many years have you worked at AJCS?

A6. Employed – 9 years, but I also did 2 years as a parent helper at the infants.


Q7. What was your childhood dream job and why?

A7. I always wanted to be a nurse because grandparents, parents, and aunties were always nurses and I thought it was what I should do but I went to college and didn’t like it.


Q8. What were you like at school?

A8. My nickname at school was Boring Beck and I never got told off, I always did my homework and never got detention. To be honest I didn’t really like school when I was there.


Q9. Do you like working with children and why?

A9. Yes because every day is different, every child is different and I like to see them reach their goals.


Q10. Are you going to work with Mr Burley until you leave the school?

A10. I thoroughly enjoy working with Mr Burley because I have learnt a lot but I don’t think he will put up with me for much longer!


Q11. What age group do you like to work with the most and why?

A11. Year 5 and 6 because I like to watch them getting ready to move on to secondary school.


Q12. Have you ever been to any live concerts, if so which ones?

A12. I’ve been to quite a lot of Here and Now concerts which are a mix of 80s artists, I’ve been to New Kids On The Block and  Rick Astley concerts.  I’ve also been to see Backstreet Boys and Take That.


Q13. If you weren’t a TA what job would you do and why?

A13. I don’t think I have a dream job as I’m doing it.


Q14. What is your favourite teacher that you have worked with and why?

A14. Mr Burley because I’ve worked with him the longest.


Q15. Who was your childhood best friend?

A15. Julie Abbott and she still is now.

Our Interview With Mrs Green!

By Will & Noah

On Monday 30th November we visited Mrs Green (our head teacher) to ask her some questions about the school or even about herself – let’s go:

Q.1: What is it like being the headteacher?

A.1: Well, it has lots of different emotions. There’s often times when I’m really proud of being the head of AJCS, I learn lots of things that the children have done!

Q.2: How do you think the behaviour is around school?

A.2: I think the behavior is very good e.g. today, it has been wet lunchtime and people couldn’t go outside and actually as you walk around the school, the children are being sensible.

Q.3: Which teacher is the best and why?

A.3: That’s a difficult one, when you get rubbish teachers like Mr. Bull [we think Mrs. Green is joking!] And then you get some really good teachers, I cant remember any of their names, that’s all I’m saying on that one!

Q.4: Which school is better – AJCS or Village Primary School and why?

A.4: Well they’re both excellent for different reasons, the small children at Village are wonderful and we haven’t got any small children here so they will beat us on the small children so they are very different, you’ll be surprised.

Q.5: How long have you been a headteacher?

A.5: I have been a headteacher for 16 years [we were very surprised and impressed].

Q.6: If you weren’t a headteacher, what would you be?

A.6: I think I’d like to be one of those people who sits at home all day and watches box sets. I’d like to be a Sky Box Set Tester.

Q.7: What is your favourite food?

A.7: My favourite food is chocolate.

Q.8: What is your favourite movie?

A.8: That depends on the film I’ve last seen really, Mr Green and I like to go to the cinema every week really. So I’m always seeing lots of different films. I’m going to go and see ‘Black Mask’ on Wednesday, I’m very excited about that. Recently I went to see the new James Bond film ‘Spectre’, I also go with my grandson and like to go and see things like ‘The Spongebob Movie’ and things like that. They are all good in a different way.

In conclusion, we want to say a special thanks to Mrs Green for making this happen and we hope you have enjoyed finding out about about our school and Mrs Green. Thank you for reading our blog. Keep  checking out the blog for more interviews!


Girls football tournament

By Georgia and Lia

Georgia just about to take a corner.

Georgia just about to take a corner.

On Thursday the girls played in a football tournament at Derby University. We left school at 3:30 and came back at 6:00 with 11 goals altogether, even though we only played 7 games. Here are a few things the girls said;

Lia: Who put the most effort into the games?

Evie: I think Lia and Georgia put the most effort in because their attacking and defending was really good.

Georgia: Who do you think played the best?

Tegan: I think it was Tia because she scored quite a few of our goals but everyone tried their best on all of the games.

The scores at the end were:

AJCS                             Opposition

Match 1)       1                   –                0

Match 2)       3                   –                0

Match 3)       0                   –                4

Match 4)       4                   –                0

Match 5)      1                   –                1

Match 6)      1                   –                0

Match 7)      1                   –                 0

Out of 7 matches we won 5, drew 1 and lost 1. We have a great winning streak and we are hoping  to keep it going!

Lia, Georgia and Tegan heading for the ball .

Lia, Georgia and Tegan heading for the ball.